Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Who is Akasha Michelle?

A curious Front-End Developer who lives off innovative UX design & is constantly striving to further herself.

Photo Credits: Jordyn Mcnamara

Hola. I’m Akasha, a Front-End Developer from Sioux Falls. I currently work at Ripple Marketing and study Web Design and New Media at the Academy of Art. 

Most importantly though I am a creative soul. I never seem to stop creating anything and there is always an idea brewing in my mind. Even though I’m a creative, I think logically about all things. I figure out what can and cannot be done and how to organize content in most efficient way. Basically I build clean, appealing, and functional interfaces with the latest web standards. 

Now with the important stuff out of the way, you can have the bio I really wanted to write. I am a cat mom living in Downtown Sioux Falls. I’m a foodie and am currently training for a 5K. And by training I mean I have never ran in my life and basically die every time I’m at the gym. Besides for that though I can usually be found at a local coffee shop drinking way too much coffee or at the local game store eyeing up new board games I want to buy but really shouldn’t. If I’m not there, I’m curled up on the couch watching some sort of paranormal TV show. Also if you’re curious I’m a Slytherin and my favorite Doctor is 9.